Every Couple Does At Least Three Of These Things. Which Ones Do You Do?

As a romantic relationship progresses, certain habits begin to form. 

It’s not intentional and it’s not forced either, it just happens. 

You begin to relax and be yourself, sharing all the things you enjoy doing can now be shared with your significant other.

These can vary from the single act of watching TV together to laughing till you feel your bladder is going to explode. 

These are all intimate moments that make you both grow closer with each other. 

Going out for a fancy dinner, go on a tropical vacation, or attend a cool party are great things to do together, but it’s the subtle, uneventful activities that seal the bond.

You may not realize you are even taking part in things only couples do because it’s like second nature to the two of you. 

This is what makes life that much sweeter. 

You will notice you probably do at least three of these things together already.

Taking a shower together.

This is such an intimate moment for the two of you. 

It doesn’t have to happen all the time but when it does you both enjoy soaping and lathering each other up.

Binge TV watching.

You both love a particular show and are willing to watch episode after episode together.

Sleeping symbiosis.

You may not use the blanket the same way or even touch while sleeping but somehow you know each other’s sleeping pattern and it works.

Snuggling like two birds.

Cuddling doesn’t need to lead to sex. It’s just a moment to hold each other tight and close the door to the rest of the world.

Talking and hearing each other out.

You may not agree on everything but that doesn’t mean you don’t love to hear your partner speak their mind.

Laughing is good for the soul.

Laughing so hard, tears are streaming down your face and your tummy hurts is pure joy to your hearts.

You change in front of each other.

You are so comfortable you get dressed in front of your partner without even thinking twice about it.

Getting past the monthly visit.

It happens monthly and he knows she may need a heat pad, a hot tea, or even chocolate.

 They both know exactly what to do every month.

Massage one another.

You don’t need to be a massage therapist to give a good back rub. Just trying to help and make the other person feel better is therapy enough.

Help each other shave.

There is no need to be an expert to offer a shave. 

It’s just a moment spent together.

Cook a meal together.

There is always one in the couple who is a better cook but that doesn’t mean a helper is not welcomed.

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Every Couple Does At Least Three Of These Things. Which Ones Do You Do? Every Couple Does At Least Three Of These Things. Which Ones Do You Do? Reviewed by Health Tips on December 21, 2016 Rating: 5
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