Bacterial vaginosis is the enemy of every third women, but many women do not know what is and associate it with other $exual diseases.

That means disruption in the composition of the vaginal flora, and the symptoms are unpleasant smell, abundant discharge, and sometimes itching or tingling while peeing.

The reasons are not fully disclosed, but usually occur due to lack of intimate care, which can disrupt the natural acidity of the uterus and cause growth of harmful microorganisms. 

Symptoms may also be expressed during the menstrual cycle, the use of contraception, pregnancy, or menopause.

It is thought that the most common cause of bacterial vaginosis is Gardnerella vaginalis.

The bacterium resides in the uterus and colon, but different $exual behavior can lead to the development of bacterial vaginosis.

Increased risk certainly brings entry into $ex with new or multiple partners, using perfumed soaps, washing lingerie with intense detergents, oral $ex, smoking…

About half of women may have no symptoms or may not be aware of them.

The existence of vaginosis can be checked by visiting your gynecologist.

Results are available within a week, and bacterial vaginosis is necessary to be treated so that it does not cause various complications.

If untreated during pregnancy can cause miscarriage or premature birth.

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