Frankincense Superior to Chemotherapy in Killing Late-Stage Ovarian Cancer Cells

Frankincense has been used for centuries, ever since ancient times. 

Nearly 60,000 pounds of frankincense were burned every year in Babylon for its aromatics, and later Magi brought frankincense to baby Jesus along with gold and myrrh.

Today, science shows that the ancient benefits of frankincense go far beyond its aromatic properties.  

Namely, it can be used for wound healing, arthritis, female hormonal issues, and air purification.  

While the healing benefits of frankincense have traditionally focused on disease prevention and anti-inflammatory properties, mounting evidence suggest that it also possesses anti-cancer properties and is capable of mitigating many forms of cancer cells.

Scientists at University of Leicester have found that this scented plant resin obtained from Boswellia sacra tree is extremely beneficial in case of ovarian cancer, due to the components of the resin known as AKBA or acetyl-11-keto-beta-boswellic-acid.

Specifically, the scientists found that AKBA is capable of fighting off cancerous cells, even in the more advanced stages of ovarian cancer.  

Kamla Al-Salmani, PhD student from the University of Leicester Department of Cancer Studies and Molecular Medicine is the leader of the research time and he has extensively explained its effects.

The research lasted for a year and it focused on the AKBA compound and its link to ovarian cancer cells.  

After the trial ended, the researchers reached a conclusion that AKBA indeed kills off cancer cells in ovarian cancer, without any side effects. In addition to its positive impact on ovarian cancer, it has been found to work on colon, breast, and prostate cancer, too. 

 The best part regarding its effects is that it destroys cancer cells which are resistant to conventional chemotherapy.  

Additional research on the topic is still needed, but these results are very promising.

Apart from its recently acknowledged anti-cancer properties, frankincense has been long known as potent anti-inflammatory agent which is capable of treating skin issues, asthma, and gastroenteritis as well as boosting immunity.  

Therefore, considering its role in immunity, pain relief, anti-cancer potential, and inflammatory control, frankincense is necessary supplement to have around.

Put a drop of frankincense oil into a gel capsule and take with food
Dilute the oil by mixing a drop with ½ a teaspoon honey, coconut oil, or maple syrup
Mix a drop of frankincense per two drops of carrier oil of choice and apply onto the tumor
Take a drop of frankincense with four ounces of water in the morning and before bedtime

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Frankincense Superior to Chemotherapy in Killing Late-Stage Ovarian Cancer Cells Frankincense Superior to Chemotherapy in Killing Late-Stage Ovarian Cancer Cells Reviewed by Health Tips on December 24, 2016 Rating: 5
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