Hairdresser Finds Something Dangerous On Girl’s Head, Eww!

How do you feel, when you get to know that an illness or an infestation has started spreading in the city?

You freak out, don’t you? 

You won’t believe what this hairdresser found out when she combed the girl’s hair. 

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Do you remember when an infestation would hit your city and spread around school? 

You would take every possible step to get rid of it. 

From stopping sharing hair combs to hats. 

But sometimes it just isn’t enough to stop those bugs from getting onto your scalp especially if that bug is a louse.

Veronica who works at Tony and Guide beauty school in Modesto discovered something gross in a girl’s hair. 

She is now even educating and training the students to check for lice as this happens once or twice a week. 

It is easy to detect if you check the nape section.

The scientists discovered the super lice in more than half of the country. 

It cannot be killed with the chemicals which are present in RID or NIX lice killing shampoos. 

These products were proved even to be fatal. 

There is a summer treatment that the FDA approved, but it costs $70.

According to pediatricians, strict meds, nitpicking, and combing will assist you to get rid of the super lice.

Watch the video for more information.

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Hairdresser Finds Something Dangerous On Girl’s Head, Eww! Hairdresser Finds Something Dangerous On Girl’s Head, Eww! Reviewed by Health Tips on December 06, 2016 Rating: 5
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