Greg Heynen was worried for the safety of his newborn child, because his wife’s Pit Bull/Labrador mix Zack seemed to have a bad side to him. 

He warned his wife that if Zack ‘if he so much as nips at her, he’s gone‘. 

But when their daughter was born, Zack completely fell in love with the baby…constantly licking her to the point her father had to pull him away. 

Zach would place one paw on her blanket as she slept…as a way of protecting her!

He constantly slept in the bed with her, and would wait at the foot of the stairs so they could walk up to her room together.

But sadly that love ended when a few kids in the neighborhood poisoned Zack. 

The couples daughter was completely heartbroken when she had to say bye to her best friend.

That night, their daughter walked to the foot of the stairs and stopped, realizing that Zack would no longer be waiting to walk up with her.

But Greg had a dog of his own named Sam, who walked up to the little girl and nudged her to go upstairs. 

Sam began to wait for her at the stairs every night for the next six years…

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