Midday sleep can “save lives”. 

The Telegraph reports that according to the studies from the Greek Medical Centre “Asklepieion Voula”, scientists say it can reduce the risk of heart attack.

Following Doctor Manolis Kallistratos, who conducted the research, high blood pressure can damage the blood vessels and the heart to a much lesser degree to those who like to take a midday nap.

Greek scientists have conducted the research on 400 men and women of about 60 years of age, who suffered from high blood pressure. 

They established that by those who used to take some sleep during the day, the pressure reduced for about 5 %.

According to the scientists, that percentage is enough and has a big significance when it comes to reducing the number of heart attacks. 

Other results were proved to be better for those who take a midday nap than for those who prefer to spend all day actively.

 Those whose midday sleep lasted longer than one hour a day had the best results.

Kallistratos calls the midday nap “a habit from the past”. 

According to his opinion, a midday nap is something that has to be included in the modern way of living. 

He says that midday sleep has become a privilege due to the working culture, which means controlled schedule of daily activities and exhaustive working.

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