Our eyes are among the most important organs in the body. They help us see by working together with the brain which processes the images we receive so we can see objects, shapes, sizes and colors. Many people use medical lenses and eyeglasses as they suffer from eyesight problems, and many people are dealing with headaches caused by the constant use of electronic devices nowadays. This is a well-known fact which can turn to a bigger problem if it’s not addressed on time.

The modern society and lifestyle includes a long time spent in front of a computer, and even our free time is spent in front of electronic devices, which can cause damage to our eyes. All of these activities tire our eyes and cause headaches and dizziness. The muscles that control the movement of our eyes are called straight medial, straight superior, lower rectum, oblique top and oblique bottom. If they get weaker over time, they will inevitably lead to eyesight problems.

Luckily, there’s something you can do – some simple exercises will strengthen these muscles and help you see better again.

Look to the far right for about 5 seconds, then look to the left. Rest for a couple of seconds before repeating the process again;
Look up for 5 seconds, then look down, rest for a while and repeat the exercise again for several times more;
Roll your eyes in a circle, then rest for a couple of seconds and repeat the process;
Take a pen, put it in front of your eyes at an arm’s distance, and center your look on it for about 5 seconds. Next, find an object far from the pen and look at it for another 5 seconds to relax your eyes and strengthen the muscles.

Repeat these simple exercises every day and whenever you feel your eyes are tired to improve your eyesight and prevent headaches.

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