Home is the place that gives you comfort, security and peace, and where you let go of every negative emotion, thought, and the stress you experience every day. 

Without being aware of it, you transfer this negativity from yourself to your home – it penetrates its walls, ceiling, furniture, carpet, and objects.  That is why you should learn how to cleanse this negative energy to prevent any negativity having bad impact on you and your wellbeing.

Amy B. Scher, a trained energy therapist and author of “How to Heal Yourself When No One Else Can,” suggests the following simple steps to clear your home and yourself of negative vibes and create a positive space.

Use Houseplants

Putting at least one houseplant in each room of your home will help you keep the energy clear. Scher recommends using lavender, eucalyptus, and white sage, since these are thought to have a greater cleansing effect. Nevertheless, any houseplant will do. You can also use small bouquets and place them in individual rooms.

Let Fresh Air In and “Shoo” Negative Energy Out

Another simple way of cleansing bad energy is to open all windows and curtains in your home and allow fresh air and sunlight to enter. Scher also advises a technique that involves eliminating bad energy through a window by “shooing” or “swishing” it with your hands, a broom or a large poster board. “Use your intention to help usher that energy out. You can even imagine it all leaving your house,” says Scher. 

Sprinkle Salt Around Your Home

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