How Your Finger Shape Determines Your Personality (And Your Health Risks)

You might be wondering how your fingers identify who you’re.

That is not fortune telling but the truth is what type of man you are and your fingers truly say a lot about who.

Let’s examine the diagrams now and below what they say about you’ll we…

Three finger types

You will notice that there are three types of fingers labeled A, B and C we will now look at each finger type and reveal what they actually say about the individual.

You may want to look at your finger at this point to know where you fit in.

The Three Finger Types

Finger A

Now if your finger type is “A” then you are more likely to exhibit the following traits;

You wear your thoughts on your face and your expression says a lot about your current mood.

It is possible that you are good at hiding your emotions and you are more often than not despondent. You also give people the impression that you are more independent and stronger than you really are.

You are fair minded and highly scrupulous. You have a disdain for hypocrites, liars and people who tend to deceive you and others.

You wear your heart on your sleeve most times. You are good hearted and can be really nice to a person the moment you get acquainted and you know them better.
 You don’t show too much emotion and would rather pretend to be strong and unruffled.

 You can be arrogant and a bit eccentric.

 You are very helpful with a big heart. You find it difficult to say no to others and you will go out of your way to complete a given job whether you like it or not.

 Laughter comes naturally to you. You might even laugh though the joke is not funny.
 You can be cold towards strangers and people you are not close to but you are openly nice and emotional towards those that you care about.

Finger B

If you have finger “B” then this may interest you;

You tend to stay calm and composed though you may be agitated about something.
You find it difficult approaching someone on your own.

 You are extremely loyal; you will give the person you love your undivided attention.

 You give the impression that you are independent and strong and you could come across as being saucy. The truth is you can be hurt easily and you are actually soft-hearted.

You are a dreamer, you like to picture your prince charming or your girl of your dreams that will love you and will give you all your desires.

You like to protect the feelings of other that you love by pretending like you are not aware of what is going on. You also pretend not to be emotional but you actually are.

You are committed too something to the end and once you put your mind to it you always try to accomplish it.

You are scared of being hurt emotionally. You tell others that you are fine but in actual fact you are not.

Finger C

Are you a person with finger “C”? Let’s see what it says about you;

You can let you ego take hold of you sometimes especially when in an argument with someone, however you are the first person to lay down the gauntlet and apologize afterwards
You are emotional and can be easily touched and moved by events and people.
You let go of things that get you mad and you are not vindictive.

You hate risks; you prefer to stay in your comfort zone.

You don’t like fighting people and tend to accept an apology from someone fairly quickly because you have a soft-heart and hat fighting with people.

You are a good listener and respect other people’s view point.

You are good at keeping your feelings and problems bottled up inside you.

You hate pretending and you have a good idea of what you like and dislike, you like people to trust and rely on you.

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