When you hire someone to stay at your home to do your house duties or take care of your children, you’re not 100% certain what they’ll do throughout their own time. 

They could be as clean as a whistle on paper, but once they get to your home, they could be total slobs or end up being kleptomaniacs.

This man shared his bad luck story with his housekeeper on Facebook under the name “feeling very confused”


After his Seiko watch went missing, the husband assumed that his 25-year-old housekeeper was stealing from them.

He searched for it everywhere, but couldn’t find it, when after a couple of days, it appeared again. 

His wife said she found it behind the dresser. 

Although he remembered that he looked for the watch there, he believed his wife and the housekeeper stayed.

Since he found out that other things started to disappear he decided to put a camera in their bedroom and see for himself that their employee is not a thief.

He noticed that his housekeeper spent too much time cleaning the closet. 

And he thought that it is just the housekeeper doing her job well.

That was until the beginning of the third week when he spotted her and his wife together! At the time, he was on a trip, and when he returned, he checked out the camera.

It was shocking for him to see the things they were doing. 

He saw that housekeeper took out the toy bag and laid it on his wife’s side of the bed, and then she was into an act of self-indulgence. 

Next thing he sees that his wife appears, and instead of reprimanding the housekeeper, they go at it, and the housekeeper got close to his wife.

The betrayal he felt, was big enough to post this event on social media and asked for others opinion.


“I know everything and I’m not mad at you, I just feel betrayed. 

Why would you do this without talking it through to me?”Since then people on social media are waiting for his next update on this crazy story.

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