If you have been unable to cover your white hairs with expensive hair dyes, don’t worry – we’ll give you a natural recipe that is easy to prepare and works better than any other dye!


Gray hair comes naturally with age, but premature gray hair is usually caused by stress. 

People usually try to cover their gray hair with expensive and chemical hair dyes, but you should know that there’s a far safer and better option. 

The dye we’re presenting today is completely natural and has been used to cover gray hair for centuries. 

It is made of potato peels which can cover gray hair quickly thanks to their starch content. 

Here’s how to prepare it:


5 medium-sized potatoes

Shampoo and hair conditioner


Peel the potatoes first, then put the peels in a pot with 2 l. 

of water and boil them. Once they’re soft, strain the mixture and keep the liquid in a bottle, leaving it to cool down before use. 

Next, wash your hair well and apply a conditioner to hydrate the gray hairs which tend to be dryer than the rest of your hair. 

Now apply the potato water to your hair directly and massage it slowly into your scalp. 

Repeat the treatment a couple of times a week for 3 weeks and you will soon notice the incredible results!

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