Stress is what we cope with each day. 

So, if you cannot avoid it then you can learn how to deal with it by trying hand yoga. 

This amazing activity originates from ancient India, and people have been using it for a long period of time for stress relieving.


This pose is excellent for people trying to shed some extra pounds, improve your digestion and resolve eyesight problems as well. 

It can improve your circulation and help you with trembling as well. Try it out and you’ll see significant improvement in these areas.


It helps in increasing the earth element over the fire, meaning that it influences tissue growth and muscle development, encouraging healing. 

The fire element is responsible for inflammation of the muscles and obstruction of the metabolic process, thus in this way it is eliminated.


This pose is connected with the feeling of calmness and relaxation. 

It improves the oxygen flow in the body, making you feel calm and in harmony. 

If you battle excessive hyperactivity and aggression this pose will help you significantly.


This pose will help you get rid of pain. 

Hence, it relaxes the entire organism and helps with ear problems, vertigo, and feeling of dullness in certain body parts.


This is the pose of wisdom as it increases your enthusiasm and creativity and has a positive effect on your memory.


This is the ideal pose for people who suffer from arthritis, hormone disorders, and dehydration.


in this way you can enlighten yourselves as it helps take your mind off things. 

Your body will also be detoxified, the metabolic waste will be removed, as well as the tension.

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