The kidneys are those who remove all the toxins from the system. So we know that the kidneys have an important role in the entire health.

Diseases may appear if the kidneys aren’t working properly and are not removing the toxins from the system. Due to the life we lead, many people have problems with kidneys.

The main functions of the kidneys are:

Balancing the water level: They breakdown the urine, using different levels of water. If the water in the body decreases, the kidneys stop secreting the water from the body and start showing problems.

Removing waste products: The kidneys cleanse the body from nitrogen waste found in the body like urea, salts and toxins.

Regulating the production of red blood cells: If there is no oxygen in the kidneys they will start to produce erythropoietin. This allows the bone marrow to produce more red blood cells so that they can increase the level of oxygen that will later travel to the kidneys.

Regulating the blood pressure levels: The kidneys need to be able to filter the blood by keeping the blood pressure constant. If the pressure drops the kidneys wont be able to filter the blood properly.

Regulating the acid levels: Every cell produces different acids. The kidneys can balance the acid levels in the system.

Kidney disease

Usually kidney disease is caused by hypertension, infection and diabetes. This leads to regular check- ups for the glucose levels and the blood pressure.

If someone in the family has problems with their kidneys you need to be aware of it, because the kidney disease is hereditary. Lack of drinking, unhealthy diet, physical activity, smoking and medications can lead to kidney problems.

Early symptoms of kidney disease

The symptoms usually appear and are visible when the kidneys are failing and the urine is full with proteins. Usually the symptoms that show some kidney problems in an early stage are ruled over as unimportant symptoms.

You need to be aware of early symptoms of kidney disease before it becomes serious.

Here is a list of early symptoms of the signs of kidney disease:

Changes in the color ( blood in the urine, frequent urination)

sleeping problems

vomiting and nausea

lack of strength and fatigue

lack of mental clarity and focus


metallic taste in the mouth and no appetite

no breath

tingling and skin rashes

pain above the waist

muscle cramps


swelling of the feet and legs

bad blood circulation

Any of these symptoms may cause serious kidney problems if they are not caught in the early stage.

Protect the kidneys and strengthen their health

The dysfunction of the kidneys may cause other health problems. The parts of the kidneys that are suffering from a disease cannot be restored. Improve your life by preventing serious disease with looking out for these symptoms.

Here is a list of what you can do to improve your health.:

Consume low saturated fat and cholesterol

don’t starve, the kidneys need enough calories to work properly.

reduce the amount of salt and potassium

consume watermelons, berries and apples.

improve the kidneys with low protein food

drink 8 glasses of water daily.

Change in the lifestyle

Normal blood pressure is essential.

Use calcium and vitamin D supplement

don’t take steroids and painkillers.

Regular exercises are important not to get hypertension, obesity, diabetes.

Don’t drink and smoke.

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