A Japanese researcher by the name Kazue Yamagishi has invented a product that will certainly revolutionize personal care. 

She has created a great toothpaste, which could put dentists out of work.

This toothpaste has the ability to fill all the cracks and holes in the teeth, as well as restore the tooth enamel.

Filling the hole and cracks forms the better part of dentists’ work.  

This toothpaste contains components that mimic tooth enamel and build up where cracks exist in the tooth. 

It will be easily adopted by people in light of the fact that it’s similar in  its form to regular toothpaste.

The new formula was created following a research on the  chemical  hydroxylapatite (crystalline calcium phosphate), which makes up the primary component of the tooth.

It functions by causing a dilution of the acid on the tooth surface. 

After three minutes, the toothpaste starts crystallizing and gets fastened to the natural enamel’s structure.

You might soon bid dentist visits goodbye, thanks to the invention of this product!

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