People Who Cry A Lot Have This Personality Trait!

Do you think the $6.5 million per year UFC champion, Ronda Rousey, punch through some windows or crushes doors with her bare hands before a fight?

Not at all. She says she’s the most emotional before fights. 

In fact, she has cried a lot the day before her last fight.

Don’t be surprised by her confession. 

Some of the toughest people in the history like Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, and the President Obama have openly cried, and sometimes even in public. 

But why wouldn’t they as many psychologists claim crying shows the mental strength of a person.

Here are five reasons why crying is characteristic of mentally strong people:

You are not afraid of emotions – if you cry, then you confront your feelings, whether it is sadness, disappointment, frustration, or anger. 

It is not easy to confront your emotions. 

It is much easier to short suppress them, especially when they are negative. 

If you do the opposite thing, it requires strength, courage, and ability to look inwards.
It shows a lack of concern for social expectations – a lot of strong people, and those famous ones like Nelson Mandela or Martin Luther King Jr. 

went against social expectations, choosing to do what was frowned upon at the time. 

Crying will not get you imprisoned or killed, but it does remain frowned upon in society. 

Men who cry are believed to be weak and unmanly, while women who cry are often called crazy and dramatic. 

However crying means that you are not afraid to put social convention aside if that would mean dealing with your overwhelming emotions. 

And that is strength.

It Makes You a Leader  –  You can liberate people around you if you cry openly about some shared circumstance. 

By deciding to be the first one to shed tears, it will encourage others to feel free to show their emotions. 

In this way, you decide to be strong and that will make you a true leader.

It is showing that you are aware of the offload stress before it breaks you – strength in people is about much more than hardiness. 

Before it becomes destructive, a good and sturdy structure relieves stress effectively. 

There is no difference with a strong person. 

Crying, for many people, relieves built up stress which can easily become damaging if not dealt properly.

Check out the video below to learn more about the benefits of crying.

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