Psychologists advice: You are not depressed, but surrounded by stupid people!

Nowadays, the depression is considered as a common appearance that happens almost every day. It’s not that strange considering the fact that we live in a society ruled by misaligned values and we face with injustice on every step. But, if you feel bad and judge yourself about it, the psychologists have something else to advice you.

Elvira Aleta, a psychologists and author of the Explorewhatsnext website, has an advice that wants to share with all good people. Shortly, the advice is: “Don’t worry, it’s not your fault”.

“Before setting up a diagnosis that you suffer of depression or have low self-confidence, ask yourself first if you are not surrounded by fools”- William Gibson

Many of us will recognize themselves in this quote. Think about your past experiences. How many times somebody else’s behavior affected your mood? How many times you had to end the relationship or to give up of some friendship because it harmed on your self-confidence? People could show their malice, wickedness and stupidity on different ways.

Stupid people enjoy their stupidity

When we talk about stupidity, we don’t mean on low intelligence. Nobody is smart all the time and there’s no person that knows everything. Start by yourself: When you don’t know something, admit it. What’s more important, don’t teach a lesson to others for something you don’t know very well. But, it won’t prevent stupid people of showing of with their “knowledge”. They are intentionally stupid and they enjoy it.

Stupid people are loud and noisy

Could stupid people be calm and shy? Maybe, but it’s hard to remember such example. Most of them are not interested for conversations they should listen. They always hold monologues, shout, disrupt your personal space and they are not even aware they are doing it. There’s a possibility they do this to scare you. In any case, it is bad for you.

Stupid people are selfish thugs

They care only about themselves. They slight the opinions, feelings and successes of others and this way they “fill” their ego and consider themselves as more valuable than others.

Why stupid people make us feel depressive?

If we are surrounded by stupid people all the time, they could affect our self-confidence. Parents thought us to be kind, good, to listen and respect the others. We expect the same by the others. We respect other’s opinion, even when we disagree. Good people don’t get mad easy and have tendency to highlight the positive features of the others.

Stupid people’s behavior make us feel stupid, because we allow it. When we see often with persons like this, our self-confidence decreases over time, we feel hopeless, tired, sad and depressive. The chronic emotional abuse could cause depression.

What should you do for yourself?

Be honest to yourself. Once you comprehend the real situation, it will be easier to bring back the self-confidence. Spend less time with that person. Take care about yourself. Spend time only with people that make you feel good, even if it’s only your pet. Now, when you are able to recognize the stupid people, it’s time to avoid sadness and depression and to get rid of these “toxic” people.

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