Putting Toilet Paper On The Toilet Seat? Big Mistake!

When they find themselves in a public toilet or a coffee shop, most people put toilet paper on the toilet seat, thinking that also protect your health, but in fact time can only achieve the opposite effect.

Although hygiene is not at a high level when you need to go to a toilet away from home, you should not resort to the use of toilet paper for protection boards for the toilet. Maybe this seems like a good idea, but this habit may actually lead to becoming infected.

The main reason why one should not use toilet paper in this way is the fact that people do not go down the toilet seat when withdrawing water and also a large number of hazardous materials found on paper.

“Covering ironing toilet toilet-paper on the skin it is possible to transfer a large number of viruses and fecal bacteria,” the experts from the Institute “Langdon medical center” at New York University.

A study of their department for Microbiology found that after the release of water droplets can end at a height of nearly two meters and thus be scattered all around us. It is these droplets are hidden fecal bacteria that end up on toilet paper, which is near the toilet bowl.

So you won’t cover the boards of toilet paper does not protect against viruses and bacteria but it actually brings them even closer.

Therefore, the next time you find yourself in the bathroom do not cover the toilet seat unless you carry your own toilet paper or wipes.

The best way to ensure the health and protection from viruses and bacteria is – wash hands after using the toilet.

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Putting Toilet Paper On The Toilet Seat? Big Mistake! Putting Toilet Paper On The Toilet Seat? Big Mistake! Reviewed by World Health Info on December 27, 2016 Rating: 5
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