Donald Trump’s fielded quite a bit of criticism from the left and from the media – apologies for the redundancy – over his business ties and corporate interests, and whether such affiliations will get in the way of good White House governance.

Curious, these same sources didn’t get after Hillary Clinton and her State Department ties with Clinton Foundation donors to the same level of veracity. 

But such is the mainstream media – all pro-Democrat, all the time.

Regardless, Trump does have quite a few business interests that could be seen as conflicts of interests when he takes the high office this January – or does he?

“It turns out,” the blog Right Wing News reported, “that Donald Trump divested himself of the stock market back in June.”

Hmm, now there’s a tidbit the press doesn’t feel the need to scream from the rooftops.

It’s not clear if Trump took this move because of financial realities – he feared a crash, for instance – or because of political reasons, to stave off accusations of conflicts of interest.

“But it does remove numerous points of contention as he moves forward with his economic plans,” the news blog reported. 

“A spokesman for President-elect Trump [just] announced this development … It shoots down conflict-of-interest worries the Left would surely have used against him.”

His portfolio had included all the big names in banking, oil and the like. 

Trump couldn’t have known back in June he would win the White House. 

So once again, he’s proven once again, you don’t need formal political training or experience to be a savvy politician and smart strategist.

Sorry, mainstream media. Guess you’ll have to move on to another topic to used against Trump.

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