The Australia’s Blushwood tree is found in the far north of the country exclusively, and it bears a berry that has shown amazing success in curing numerous types of cancer (breast, head and neck, skin cancer). 

You probably wonder if this treatment that sounds too simple and easy is efficient. 

Well, when EBC46 is injected directly into the tumor, it kills it in only 48 hours. 

The blushwood tree bears blushwood berries, fruits known to grow in just one area in the world, which is the rainforests of Far North Queensland, Australia. 

The blushwood tree is a tropical tree found only in this area and nowhere else on the globe. 

However, around the Australia’a northeastern tip it grows in abundance. 

The blushwood tree requires very niche conditions to grow. 

These conditions are exclusively found in specific parts of Far North Queensland, Australia. 

A recent research on cancer published in PLOS One has proven the usefulness and efficacy of this berry, so many people now wonder if this tree could be grown in a greenhouse environment and thus become available to people all over the world and provide them with its cancer-killing properties. 

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