See Which Types Of Obesity Are And Where There Are Locations Of Fat In Our Body!

One of the biggest problems today is obesity. WHO (World Health Organization) said that in 2014 there were more than 1.9 billion adults with weight that is excessive or even 40% of the human population. 

There are different types of obesity and cannot be treated in the same way, according to studies conducted University of Sheffield and the Harvard School of Public Health concluded that there are 6 types of obesity.

These are the types: intoxicated man, anxious and unhappy middle-aged man and woman, young and healthy older people. Detection type of obesity can make big differences in the approach to treatment and weight loss process. And obesity can be classified according to the locations of fat. In fact, there are four areas.

You will be able to know the weight loss approach  if you are aware of your obesity type. An anxious middle-aged woman has different problems perpetuating her obesity compared to a heavy-drinking man, thus their solutions will be different, but will both involve exercise.

Obesity can be narrowed into areas of fat distribution says positive Med . There are four areas of fat distribution which offer clues for how to get rid of fat the best way.

Upper body obesity – this is a sign of over-consumption and needs exercising and healthy diet to reduce it. This type of obesity is a risk factor for type 2 diabetes,  hypertension , sleep apnea, . For this reason it is highly important for these people get very serious about weight loss.

Swollen stomach –  result of excessive alcohol consumption and for that reason the individual has to significantly reduce drinking, if not eliminate it completely, including healthy diet and exercising.

Lower-body obesity with fat in the lower legs – often among pregnant women , consult a doctor in order to fight this fat buildup.

Large protruding stomach and upper back fat – this is a result of sedentary lifestyle. With  regular exercise program will help. This type of body must be wary of keeping the blood sugar levels stable and that needs to be done with a diet of several snack throughout the day, as opposed to thee large meals.

Lower-body obesity – it is more common in women  , they have to perform resistance training and cardiovascular exercises in order to fight it.

Lower abdomen fat – this is a common sign of anxiety and depression and the best way to treat it is through stress-relief techniques and exercise.

It is recommended to go through 30-60 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic exercises five days a week for “android” obesity or all upper-body. 

These activities include cycling, jogging, hiking, and swimming. In this way the fat will be reduced. You should also practice full circuit resistance training and exercises which are intended to strengthen the core. They will improve back support and correct posture and assist you strengthen the muscles.

The fat distribution in the lower half of the body is familiar as pear body shape or “gynoid” . Total-body resistance trainings and high-intensity interval training are the best exercises for targeting the fat in the hips, thighs and buttocks. These exercises will improve cardiovascular strength, help you burn calories, and reduce lower-body fat.

The best motivation for melting the fat is to know which type of exercise will be the most effective. is very significant to exercise as your health depends on it in order to reduce it . You should consult your physician and any changes in your diet and home remedies need to be monitored by a medical professional.

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