Chocolate, apple, cinnamon, vanilla, strawberry – these are all scents of many different nice smelling candles and we all like to have them in our house. 

The scented candles have so many uses – you can light one up when you are having a nice and relaxing bath, or when you want to have private moments with your partner. 

Yes, these nice smelling candles can set the mood unlike anything else.

But, a recent study has discovered that the scented candles can do more harm than good. The famous professor Alastair Lewis, from the National Centre for Atmospheric Science at the University of New York, has found that the most common ingredients, which is used by the manufacturers and which gives to the candles their nice smell actually transforms into poisonous gas – formaldehyde when burned.

What’s the toxic chemical in scented candles?

Well, we can answer that for you.  

The toxic chemical in scented candles is limonene. 

Well, limonene is used in scented candles to provide a citrus-like aroma. 

But, don’t be fooled. 

The lemon scented candles use this chemical and don’t use natural ingredients instead. 

When it’s unaltered, the limonene compound is safe. 

It’s often used to flavor foods and give cleaning supplies and products a lemon scent. 

But, you should be careful, because when limonene molecules react to the ozone when released into the air one in two mutate into toxic formaldehyde.

Since most homes are well insulated, formaldehyde lingers for a long time causing long-lasting damage to your family

The HPA (Health Protection Agency) lists this compound – formaldehyde, as a possible carcinogenic compound or a cancer causing substance. 

Dr. Lewis says that if you want to fight the negative effects of using scented candles in your home or your office, you need to make sure you open your doors and windows after use. 

Or you can stop using them. That might be the best solution.

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