Shocking news comes from Brazil: a woman was diagnosed with HIV after getting a manicure at a nail salon, allegedly from the shared manicure equipment.

The HIV virus can be transmitted through blood, sexual intercourse or used needles. 

In the case of this 22-year-old Brazilian woman, she discovered that she has HIV after her nails were done with a nail clipper which was previously infected with the deadly virus.

The woman is a manicurist herself. She discovered that she is HIV-positive when she wanted to donate blood, so she had to be tested for the virus. 

As additional analysis discovered, she got infected 11 years ago, most likely from some nail tools she shared with her cousin and colleague, who was HIV-positive at the time. 

The doctors cannot be certain if the blood-to-blood contact was through the manicure tools.

All of this may sound very shocking and frightening, but the doctors are emphasizing that this event is pretty rare. 

It is not a new form of transmission, just an isolated incident. Also, according to the CDC, a negligible risk pose actions like throwing body fluids, spitting, biting or sharing sex toys.

Experts are also emphasizing that casual contacts, like drinking from the same glass or sharing a plate, is not a form of HIV transmission.

This event, when the virus was transmitted by sharing manicure equipment, is very rare and should not scare people from getting HIV or having any kind of contacts with infected individuals. 

It`s very unlikely that this would happen again. 

Still, we need to check the sanitary practices of the nail salons we visit, for any case.

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