Tooth pain disappears in a moment: 

This is the best natural remedy for a toothache!

A toothache can be very strong. 

Those who are afraid of the dentist delay going to him, and suffer pain, or use the sorts of painkillers do not do it again.

While not dare to go to the dentist, if necessary, try the best natural cure for a toothache which is regularly used in India – the spice clove.

How does it work?

As soon as you feel the pain of teeth or gums, put bean clove on the sore and tight bite.

Hold for 10 minutes to half an hour.

The pain will gradually decrease and then disappear altogether.

When a toothache stronger, use oil of cloves (available in herbal pharmacies), which acts as an anesthetic.

After placing the cloves on the sore spot (on the right above or below the painful tooth, rub a little oil of cloves) – the pain will be decreased a record time, as when the dentist receiving anesthesia.

In addition to the anesthetic action, clove oil has anti-inflammatory and relieves the cause of pain, and it is good for fresh breath.

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