The Only breakfast that melts body fat like crazy!

Oatmeal is the ideal breakfast to lose weight and keep full during the day if you are trying to get rid of the excess pounds. The study that was conducted by BioMed Central has shown that people who permanently consume this kind of meal for breakfast have smaller waist size and lower cholesterol levels than those who rely on simple carbohydrates.

It keeps your energy up, prevents you from grabbing unhealthy snacks during the day and keeps you full.


Reduce Cholesterol

Oatmeal affects your good cholesterol (HDL) and reduces your bad cholesterol (LDL). LDL levels are lowering by the soluble fiber when digested. Inside the intestines, digested fiber becomes gooey, sticking to LDL, thus preventing it from being absorbed into the blood stream.

Oatmeal’s soluble fiber is lowering serum cholesterol levels. This actually occurs due to increase in the production of excretion and bile acid.

Controlling Hunger

Oatmeal keeps you feel full for a longer period of time compared to other breakfast. 5 grams of fiber are consisted in a half cup of rolled oats which contains nondigestible carbohydrates which are extremely beneficial for the process of weight loss. Fiber delays the emptying of the gastrointestinal system by increasing laxation, making you feel full. The levels of cholecystokinin are also increasing by the oatmeal, which represents an appetite regulating hormone.

Many studies have shown that beta glucan (oatmeal’s soluble fiber) have the ability to suppress the appetite for loner period of time than grains (especially when working with hormones that represent natural appetite suppressants.

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The Only breakfast that melts body fat like crazy! The Only breakfast that melts body fat like crazy! Reviewed by Admin on December 01, 2016 Rating: 5
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