The use of Epsom salts dates back hundreds of years and they have been used by a number of cultures. These salts have numerous health benefits and are also used for body detox, gardening, and household cleaning.

These salts are not expensive and can be found in garden centers almost everywhere. Using these salts as part of an advanced detoxification strategy offers amazing health benefits.

What makes Epson different from traditional salt is that it is a pure and natural mineral compound of sulfate and magnesium. Namely, these minerals have very potent health benefits, and they can stimulate the detoxification of the body.

How Does an Epsom salt bath work?

Both sulfate and magnesium can be easily absorbed by the skin, and into the bloodstream of the body. The skin is a membrane which is highly porous and which absorbs minerals and eliminates toxins each day.

When you use a potent mineral base like the Epsom salts in a bath, there is a creation of a process known as reverse osmosis. During this process, harmful toxins are eliminated from the body and sulfates and magnesium are allowed to enter.

Magnesium is a crucial mineral which has an important role in more than 400 enzyme reactions in the body. It increases oxygenation and blood flow throughout the body, it reduces inflammation and improves nerve and muscle function.

0n the contrary, sulfates are crucial for healthy skin, nervous tissue and joints.

Epson salts restore the sulfates and magnesium levels of the body. When combined, the body eliminates toxins more easily and aids the process of building crucial protein molecules in the joints and brain tissue.

Using Epsom salts on a regular basis can improve the symptoms of a number of health conditions, like:

Toenail fungus

Athlete’s foot



Muscle soreness


Furthermore, taking regular baths with Epsom salts is good for those suffering from chronic pain or chronic disease since it improves the sulfur and mineral balance in the body.

Note: avoid using these salts if you are pregnant, have burns or open wounds on your skin, or if you are dehydrated. Moreover, people suffering from a heart disease need to consult a physician before starting to use them.

How to Make Yourself an Epsom salt bath?

You will need 40 minutes for your bath, 20 minutes for removing the toxins and another 20 minutes for absorbing the minerals which are present in the water.

First, fill up the bathtub with warm water. Make sure that there is a water filtration system in the house, since you do not want to bath in tap water which contains heavy metals, dioxins, chlorine and toxic fluoride.

Us the following amounts of Epsom salts:

½ cup for children under 60 lbs.

1 cup for individuals between 60 to 100 lbs.

1 ½ cups for individuals between 100 to 150 lbs.

2 cups for individuals between 150 and 200 lbs.

Additionally, adding a ½ cu of organic olive oil is also excellent for the skin because the polyphenols enter the skin and give more antioxidant benefits. The heat levels can be increased by adding cayenne or ginger. This will help you swat the toxins out.

Make sure not to use salt with the Epsom salt bath, since it will impede the detoxification process.

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