The bedroom is the most desired place we want to spend our time and relax after a tiring day at work. Also, it is the place people spend most of their time throughout life. The reason is that the average person sleeps for around eight hours daily. A third of our lives we spend in sleeping

People prefer to sleep in many different ways. Sleeping on the left or right side, on the back or curled up in a fetal position are the most common sleeping positions. What you don’t know is that each of these positions can have a bad or good effect on your health.

For example, sleeping on the back is not good for people suffering from asthma or sleep apnea because it raises the risks related to breathing problems. Moreover, sleeping on your right side can worsen digestive problems. These negative effects also cause less and lower quality sleep.

Sleeping on the left side is the best sleeping position in terms of the benefits it has on our health. One of them is better digestion. Also, it improves the overall digestive system so that is allows the body to extract nutrients and eliminate toxins faster and more effectively. This sleeping position also affects circulation and cardiovascular health because the heart better pumps downhill and the blood circulates with greater power back to the heart.

Moreover, the left side position permits for bile and wastes to travel more freely through the body and improves the function of the spleen. This leads to improved lymphatic drainage and more toxins getting out of the body, with less general stress and negative influence to our health.

The position you take while sleeping can make a great difference on your health. So, if you are not sleeping on your left side, try to do that as soon as possible. Each person has a preferred way of sleeping, but you can change this habit. For example, you can switch on a light that is located on the right side. This will make your body face away from the light and so you will turn on to the left side.

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