Finger A

If your finger has this shape it means that you hide your feelings. 

You are not as strong and independent as you look and you’ve created an image about yourself. 

You are a fair person and you despise liars. 

You are kind and emotional.

Your heart is big and your life is full of laughter, despite your hard outer shell. Sometimes you are a bit eccentric.

Finger B

You are not confident in yourself and it is difficult for you to approach other people, mostly strangers. 

You are loyal and you fall in love very easily.

You give full attention to the people who are important to you.

You are tenacious even though you are not very outgoing. 

If you want to do something you go for it with no fear of being hurt.

Finger C

People who have C finger are angels. 

If you have this shape of finger you are emotional and you let go of the people and things that make you unhappy or angry.

You despite unfairness and in those cases you can be overbearing.

You are a soft person and you want everyone to be happy and to have a good time. 

You also want to save the world.

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