Most of our days pass on autopilot and we do all the routines without a thought on the world. But, there are some things which is better to pay attention on. There are some common things that we have to stop doing. Even though simple, they have a great impact on our health. Check these out and try to make conscious effort in order to change something.

Breathing too slowly – there are many ways of breathing methods and we mostly don’t do that right. The most common is chest breathing, but it is much better to breathe with the stomach or diaphragm. This is deep breathing and can help you relieve stress, improve endurance, and lower blood pressure.

Exercising too often – if you exercise for 6 days weekly, your body will think as being overexerted. However, moderate workout (4 days weekly) is the best way to slim down without overdoing it.

Wearing the wrong shoes – your feet suffer from wearing the wrong shoes, but also you may end up suffering from severe joint and neck pain due to improper support. You have to find better pair of shoes. It is much harder to replace your joints, than your shoes.

Washing too much – if you wash your hair too much then the scalp will produce more oils, giving it greasy look. Moreover, if you take long and hot showers can cause your skin dry out and scrubbing anywhere thoroughly will remove the good bacteria, making it harder to fend off infection. Skip the shampoo for a couple of days and limit the shower time in order to avoid over-cleaning.

Using the wrong soap – there is no proof that antibacterial soap usage will prevent you from getting sick, however, it removes the bacteria from your hands. In order to fight away infection you have keep he good bacteria, and they are being destroyed with soap. The overly harsh soaps can throw the hormone levels off kilter.

Wearing clothes you washed in a dirty machine – if you wash your clothes regularly there might be a buildup of fecal matter in the machine. This comes from your undergarments. If you toss very dirty undergarment of any kind, even heavy soiled sports bra can make the rest of your clothes dirty.

Sleeping too little or too much – the brain will begin to crumble without the proper amount of sleep. An adult can experience memory issues, loss of creativity, emotional instability, and other physical risks without 7-9 hours of sleep every night. It is impossible to catch up on sleep and all the lost sleep has already done the damage. You should better make time for sleep. Getting too much sleep has effects similar to getting less sleep.

Sitting – not only sitting with bad posture, but sitting simply can do great harm to your body. Get up on your feet throughout the day. Walking to the end of the block is better than nothing.

Cutting out major food groups – if you cut out all the fats and carbs is not a good idea because your body is in need of them in order to function properly. Carbs provide energy, while fats keep your mind sharp. Pick healthy fats and carbs. Keep out the yolks in your omelets and stick to whole grain food.

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