In our kitchens the tools we use to prepare food are cardero’s, pans, pots or pans. No matter what you call it , how important is the role that these tools do. Without them it would not be possible to cook some foods that need to boil and stay long in the fire.

The cardero’s are made of thick metal materials, which allow the container can withstand long in the fire and conduct heat to foods containing inside so they can be able to cook and eat them.

Constant exposure to heat our cardero’s suffering causes some burning or lose their color and original form. Some Ilagan to get very dirty on clusters and burns fat, so many people decide to throw them away and buy others.

But even if we buy others, it will happen the same, so that this constant substitution could affect our economy. Our recommendation is that instead of throwing them perform these 4 tricks to clean carderos. These techniques leave as new all your dishes.

Tips to clean our carderos

Glue and soap

Boil 4L of water and dissolved therein 1 tablespoon grated soap and glue, allow it to boil for several minutes, then enter the cauldron there or you want to clean dishes for 30 minutes.


Add soda to cardero’s tableware and stainless steel or aluminum. Dissolve soda in hot water and this mixture washes the dishes. To make more effective to add vinegar.

Boil the pan with salt for one hour.

Citric acid

Citric acid mixture with boiled water, with this mixture covers the pan that you are clean.

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