Disrespecting the basic hygienic rules, in which is included washing the hands, leads to increase of infections and resistance of antibiotics, warns the British Ministry of Health.

Doctor Gina Radford claims that everyone should wash their hands for 45 seconds, exact like the duration of the first verse of the British National Anthem “God Save The Queen”.

Her colleague Sally Davies, which got the nickname “Main nanny” in the Ministry of Health because of her strictness, recently gave instructions to the British people, that will improve their hygienic habits and health, only if they stick to them.

“Do not drink tea and alcohol, don’t stick your heads in the fridge every 5 minutes and get out of the bus 1 station before than planned. It will make you move more”- advised Davies.

The researches have shown that most of the British don’t wash their hands after going to bathroom, and those who do are usually using soap.

Instead of the anthem, you can sing the “Happy Birthday” song twice. It is only important to wash your hands at least for 30 seconds.

The scientists have recently warned that the resistance of bacteria have increased so much, that it brings back the health system back to the XIX century and it threatens the humanity same as the terrorism.

Just in the last year, 50.000 people in Europe and USA have died because of infections, which couldn’t be cured with antibiotics.

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