The size of your hand says a lot more of your personality that you thought. 

You do have to measure well your hand size first and you can do it by placing your thumb on the elbow as showed.


Stretch out your hand and if you reach your wrist with the middle finger easily, then you have large hands. 

On the other hand, if you reach your wrist with difficulty, than you have small hands.

People with small hands

If you have small hands then you are generous, adventurous and willing to take risks. 

Your relationships are dramatic. You tend to solve problems with direct approach.

People with small hands have pragmatic and practical nature.

People with large hands

If you have large hands then you are an effective worker and a person that concentrates in small details. People with large hands tend to neglect themselves and concentrate on other people’s fillings.  

They are very impulsive and emotional. They often overreact .

The shape of your palm talks about your personality and destiny as well.

People with square palms are practical, they are good mathematicians and they solve their problems by logic, unlike people with rectangular palms, who are far more sensitive and tend to listen to their intuition.

If you have short fingers you are a good leader.

If you have large fingers you have a curious personality.

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