When A Cold Is Getting To You, Rub Some Of This On Your Neck. It Works Wonders

Since ancient times, people have been using Frankincense essential oil due to its healing properties. For instance, the Egyptians believed that Frankincense oil bath is the fountain of youth.

Frankincense essential oil is produced by the resin of Boswellia tree, it does not have distinctive smell, it actually gives you a sense that you are smelling both natural honey and lemon. Nevertheless, this oil stands among all the others because of its numerous health benefits.

In this article, we will present you 10 health benefits of using Frankincense oil:

Frankincense Oil Helps To Soothe The Discomfort From Insect Bites

In order to prevent the irritation and the itching caused by insect bites, you just need to massage the affected area with frankincense oil.

Frankincense Oil Helps You To Relax And Sleep Well

If you are dealing with insomnia and you can’t get a good night’s rest, just pour some frankincense essential oil in a small bowl and leave it by your bedside. It will help you relax and you will fall asleep on no time.

It Will Strengthen Your Immunity

Make sure to consume frankincense oil on a daily basis in order to boost your immune system. As a result of that, you will be able to combat viral infections like common cold and influenza more easily.

Due to the fact that frankincense oil is soothing, you should massage it on your neck, shoulders and back in order to have a soothing, calm and peaceful feeling. The oil actually penetrates into your skin pores and as a result of that it boosts your body’s production of dopamine and noradrenalin that will help you relax and also combat symptoms of fatigue.

Frankincense Oil Will Promote The Rapid Healing Of Wounds

In order to heal a cut, abrasion or to eliminate bruises faster, you should massage this oil on the injured area after rinsing it with clean water and patting dry with a clean towel.

Frankincense Oil Will Help To Provide You Relief From Anxiety

Get a relief from anxiety attacks by rubbing frankincense oil on the palms of your hands and inhaling it.

Use Frankincense Oil To Get Rid Of Scars

Prepare a combination with equal measures of both coconut and frankincense oil. Once prepared, apply the mixture onto the scars on a daily basis and after a while, the scar will be less conspicuous.

It Helps To Provide You With Relief From Persistent Cough

If you are dealing with persistent cough that just won’t go away, all you have to do is to use a gargling mixture of water and several drops of frankincense oil. Another solution is to massage the oil on your neck to get a relief.

It Helps To Reduce The Appearance Of Wrinkles

This oil can also help you prevent the appearance of wrinkles. In order to achieve that, you should prepare a mixture of frankincense oil and mashed lavender leaves and then apply the mixture on your face on a daily basis. Make sure to apply it once in the morning and in the evening, before bedtime. In the morning wash off the face mask using warm water and soap.

Use Frankincense Oil During Meditation

Frankincense oil is also an excellent choice which will aid your meditation and improve alertness and concentration because it helps you breath well which is essential when it comes to meditation.

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When A Cold Is Getting To You, Rub Some Of This On Your Neck. It Works Wonders When A Cold Is Getting To You, Rub Some Of This On Your Neck. It Works Wonders Reviewed by World Health Info on December 08, 2016 Rating: 5
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