It is amazing how people who come close to death, sometimes develop seemingly superhuman powers. 

Probably you have heard about accident victims who were able to find the strength and succeeded to get to the hospital or hostages that managed to take down their captors by themselves.

Still, the mother’s will to survive when her child’s life is at stake is really extraordinary. 

The best evidence of this is the discovery of one rescue group in Asia after an earthquake.

Namely, the rescue teams very hard were searching for survivors and stumbled upon a woman buried in the rubble of a house. 

That woman was huddled up – almost as if she were hugging something.

It seemed that the woman was already been dead for some time. 

Even though the rescue group sets off to search for survivors, the group leader still was thinking about the woman they found.

The group leader followed his intuition and he was not wrong! When he returned to the scene of the accident and took a closer look at the woman he immediately dropped to his knees and started to clear the area beneath her only to make an incredible discovery: 

one cloth bag dropped from the arms of the dead woman. 

Inside he found little boy. 

Immediately after that he called a doctor to examine the child.

However, this is not the end of this story. 

When the rescue men took a closer look at the bag, he found cellphone with a message on its display. 

The message said: “In case you survive, always remember that I love you.”

Without any doubt this incredible mother was determined to give her life for her son’s. 

The unbelievable sacrifice of this woman touched the hearts of million people, showing that love always prevails – even over death.

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