Your thumbs reveal how you behave in love

The size of your thumbs talks about your personality.

If the first half is longer than the second one

You are very passionate and faithful. When you are in love you tend to forget about the rest of the world and you can get quite obsessive with your partner. 

You often overreact if your partner doesn’t return you calls or messages. 

Be careful, you might scare your partner away.

If the first half is smaller than the second one

You observe and think thoroughly before acting. 

You are honest and reliable but when it comes to love you restrain your feelings.

If the first part and the second part are even

You are calm and cool. You love to plan and analyze all of your actions. 

You control your emotions so it’s difficult for you to get carried away. 

You are very objective when it comes to love and relationships and  this personality of yours leads you to complicated relationships.

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