Even though we all have the same body parts, they are all different, which makes us all unique. The shape of the eyebrows is one of those features that differs. Many women, and men as well, invest in in this body part, but sometimes it can cost a lot. However, there are DIY ideas you can do at home to shape your eyebrows perfectly.

There are couple of steps you need to take and the results will be amazing.

Step 1 – take the closed end of the tweezers and keep them vertically on the edge of the nose. This will show where the natural growth of your eyebrows does start.

Step 2 – find the exact position and mark the traces with an eyebrow pencil.

Step 3 – safely remove all of the extra hair above your nose and below the natural brow line with clean tweezers.

Step 4 – with the tweezers, mark the end of your eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil.

Step 5 – remove the hair aside of the natural line.

Step 6 – with an eyebrow pencil draw a curve at the bottom line of your brow. Be cautious while marking it as it has to follow the natural blow line perfectly.

Step 7 – once you mark the bottom line you will be able to know the exact quantity of the brow hair that has to be removed. If in case you remove extra hair which lead to an exposed look, don’t worry, but grab a brow sculptor and the strokes in the direction of your natural hair, and you are done.

Step 8 – darken your eyebrows with a brown brush and get an enhanced look if in case the color of your eyebrows is light.

Step 9 – apply the setting gel over your brows and set them for too long.

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