3 Steps To Burn Your Belly Fat Fast! - Naturally

The author of Zero Belly Diet, D. Zinczneko addresses a number of specific foods that can promote leaner belly by eliminating bloat, decreasing inflammation and turning off the storage genes. 

The key to his program is proven eating program that targets the fat genes and turn them “off”, making automatic weight loss. It works in 3 ways:

1st, it reduces the bloating by eliminating the excess salt, artificial sweeteners and dairy. Some people lost up to 3inches of their waist in a week.

2nd, it heals the gut by feeding the belly’s “good” microbes. If the gut is balanced, it reduces the inflammation and turns off the fat genes.

3rd, it charges the metabolism with quality fiber, healthy fats and protein.

The 9 group foods that he recommends eating include high-protein smoothies (plant-based), eggs, red fruits, high-fiber foods, olive oil, seeds and nuts, meat (organic), brightly-colored veggies, leafy greens and a lot of spices and fresh herbs.

It is very important to reestablish a healthy gut flora as the imbalance has significant impact on the weight. According to studies, certain bacteria in the gut can produce insulin resistance by triggering low-grade body inflammation. Sterilization, pasteurization and food processing have detrimental effect on the microbiome. That is why you should have a diet rich in unprocessed and whole food with fermented and cultured foods.

Eating processed foods tend to be among the primary causes of weight gain. But, there are also other factors that contribute to weight gain.

*Lack of exercise*

In order to have better weight loss results, you should incorporate a form of HIIT (high intensity interval training). It will improve the muscle energy expenditure and utilization because of its positive effects of improving muscle fiber quality and increasing the muscle mass. It is confirmed by some studies that exercising in shorter bursts with some periods for rests in between is burning more fat and continuous exercising for an entire session.
Walking should also be incorporated in your life. Aim for seven thousand or ten thousand steps per day and the above exercise regimen. It will boost the metabolism.

*Magnesium deficiency*

The magnesium is used by the kidneys, muscles and heart. The magnesium deficiency can be blamed for abnormal heart rhythms, weakness or unexplained fatigue or even eye twitches and muscle spasms. It is found that those who consume high levels of magnesium have lower insulin and blood sugar levels. Green leafy vegetables and seaweed can be great sources of magnesium like some nuts, beans and seeds like sesame, sunflower and pumpkin seeds. Juice the vegetables as it is a great solution to ensure that you get enough of vegetables in the diet.

*Consumption of diet soda*

Diet soda can double the risk of obesity and it is shown in a research that it increases the risk of gaining weight to bigger degree than regular soda. Consume filtered water instead of sweetened beverages especially the artificially sweetened ones.

*Consumption of beer and alcohol*

Any type of alcohol promotes weight gain, so you should eliminate these drinks from your diet. The beer can raise the levels of uric acid, which promotes chronic inflammation.


The chronic stress keeps the stress-hormones elevated, and that can hinder the weight loss efforts. Try to control the stress levels and the cortisol will stabilize, the blood pressure will be decreased and the health will be improved. You can decrease stress by many techniques like music, spending time in nature, yoga, mindfulness training, meditation and exercise.

Exercises that target the abdominal muscles

These workouts shouldn’t be overlooked just because they will not result in slimmer waistline. These muscles provide the movement foundation through the entire body and with strengthening them, it helps support and protect the back, make the body and spine less prone to injuries and gain greater stability and balance.
In order to train the core muscles effectively, you should incorporate variety of stabilization, traditional and functional exercises. Traditional exercises, for example, are standing rotation with light hand weight or standard crunch with rotation. The functional exercises include work on a stability ball.

The stabilizing exercise is lying on the ground and pulling the belly back to the spine and hold the position and breathe deeply.
Extension exercise is lying on the stomach extending the arms above the head. Then, raise arms and legs at the same time and hold for 5 seconds and slowly return to the ground.

Many exercise programs that work the abs are available widely and they include Pilates and yoga. But there is another exercise that is very effective. It is the push-ups. Push-ups contribute to stronger body and train the abs.

A comprehensive fitness program and lifestyle that addresses factors like targeted ab-exercises, specific nutritional deficiency, stress and sleep, will help in achieving the wanted results.

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