Doctors Issue Warning That Wearing Skinny Jeans Can Damage Our Health

Skinny jeans, skinnies, tight pants, whatever you call them, they are one of the most popular pants that people and especially woman wear these days.  They’re a funky new style that took off and have become one of the biggest trends to date!    But did you know that doctors are now are issuing warnings about wearing these jeans?  There have been many health issues that have arised from wearing these.  Learn all about the health issues that can happen when you wear skinny jeans and read a case study that has been done proving this is happening all on the Next Page.

Wearing these kind of pants can damage our health. Check out the article we found over at Top 10 Home Remedies.

Skinny jeans, skinnies, slim-fit pants, cigarette pants, pencil pants, tight pants and drain pipes – all these names denote the same insanely popular garment that clings to your legs in a snug fit and accentuates their shape.

Skinny jeans are a fashion trend that refuses to fizzle out. Even hipster icon Russell Brand, America’s sweetheart Emma Stone and the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton can be seen sporting a pair every now and then.

The style transitioned in so smoothly that most of us can hardly recall the first time we slipped out of our straight-fit pants and adorned a flattering pair of skinnies.

Contrary to their name, they come in all shapes and sizes. You can wear them casually or pair them with a fancy top and accessories.

Beside their fabulous appearance, they’re available in a range of prices that fit everyone’s budget.

All these factors contribute to the never-diminishing appeal of skinny jeans.

However, here’s a less talked about aspect of skinny jeans: How does their tight fit affect your body and health?

Yes, skinny jeans are responsible for icky, sweaty legs and may often be uncomfortable on the waist.

However, these slight discomforts wane in the face of the real damage they are capable of causing.

Skinny Jeans & Your Health – A Case Study

Earlier in the year, a 35-year-old Australian woman experienced some health complications from wearing a pair of too-tight skinny jeans and had to be taken to the hospital, according to a 2015 study published in the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry.

The woman had been helping a relative move from one home to another. She had been in a squatting position for many hours, emptying cupboards and moving stuff around.

As the day passed and she continued her work, her jeans started to feel excessively uncomfortable, restrictive and tight.

When she was  walking back home in the evening, she began experiencing numbness in her lower legs and feet. She also experienced bilateral foot drop, a condition in which a person is unable to lift the front of their foot off the ground and experiences extreme difficulty walking.

As a result, she tripped and fell. Unable to move her feet, ankles and legs, she laid on the ground for hours before she was discovered and taken to a hospital.

Medical Examination & Results

When the woman reached the hospital, her legs were so swollen that the jeans had to be cut off in order to be removed.

Upon examination, the doctors discovered excessive swelling of the lower legs. They found impairment of toe and ankle function along with extreme weakness in these areas. A loss of sensation on the sides of the lower legs, as well as the tops and soles of both feet, was reported.

A CT scan of the legs showed that the calf muscle appeared “hypo-attenuated”, a condition in which a part of the body appears darker in an X-ray because it has suffered a stroke or trauma and damage of some kind.

The peroneal and tibial nerves are a group of nerves that supply movement and sensation to the toes, feet, calf muscles and lower legs through electrical signals. The scan revealed these electrical signals were blocked, rendering the legs and feet numb and immobile.

A Tight Pair of Jeans – The Culprit

Maintaining a squatting position for so long, and without a break, compressed the nerves in the lower leg and severely damaged them.

Furthermore, the tight-fit, skinny jeans exacerbated the situation, allowing no room for the muscles and legs to breathe. This inhibited blood flow to the lower legmuscles, leading to extreme pressure and swelling in the muscles that further compressed the nerves.

Sometimes, surgery is the only option to relieve this extreme pressure, by cutting open the fascia tissue that acts as a protective layer over the muscles.

It took the woman four days to fully recover and walk again.

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