Each woman, when pregnant, faces certain risks and possible complications.

But, in the case of quintuplets, the risk is increased five times.

The mother we are talking about is called Guillermina, and she is one very brave woman.

The first time she and her husband found out she was pregnant, they were thrilled. After a while, they found out that Guillermina is actually pregnant with five babies, which was also great news, but also meant that her body was going to go through some severe changes, such as bruising on her belly.

They decided to ignore the challenges and focus on and enjoy the wonder that was happening inside her womb.

The womb had these five little babies, growing and thriving in their mother’s belly which was getting bigger and bigger.

With five babies in the womb, things were moving a lot more quickly for Guillermina.

After 31 and half weeks, Guillermina was ready to give birth to the babies. Other moms give birth later than Guillermina, but they do not have to bring five babies into the world.

It was a good thing that Guillermina has a lot of help.

In situations like hers, mothers need an experienced and helpful medical team that will contribute to a smooth flow of the things.

Luckily for Guillermina, the medical team in the hospital she delivered the babies was massive and at her side for the entire time. This was happening at Utah Hospital in Salt Lake City.

The team consisting of eight doctors, one anesthesiologist and a few nurses helped Guillermina a lot with the delivery. They were all catering to her needs every step of the way.

Just like the pregnancy with five kids differs from the usual situations, the laboring does too.

A woman who carries five babies in her womb cannot just lie back and push. In other words, the mother and the doctors need to get a little bit creative.

One step at a time, the mother made it.

Surely, this could not have been easy, but the mother pulled it through.

The team of doctors kept on monitoring the mother and the babies pretty watchfully.

They just knew that nothing should be left to chance, as this was one complicated delivery.

This couple faced some difficulties from the start: they had to use fertility drugs in order to get her pregnant.

The use of fertility drugs frequently leads to multiple babies. The couple was familiar to this fact, however, they expected two or three babies, not five.

Even the doctors got surprised by the revelation that there are quintuplets in her womb. However, the couple was pretty lucky and everything went well.

According to one of the doctors, the situation had not been that chaotic. They had been trying to keep it under control and they had gotten impressed to see it and take a part in it.

Eventually, the little babies started arriving one by one.

The quintuplets consist of boys and girls. Yes, the three little girls and the two little boys came as a surprise to mom and dad. They were not familiar to the sex of the babies.

It was not easy to keep the babies organized until they had names. This is why the parents had to label them by letter.

However, they won’t be named A, B, C, D, and E forever.

The babies got truly amazing names.

The quintuplets were named Esmeralda, Fatima, Marissa, Jordan, and Fernando.

All babies were born small, which is perfectly normal for quintuplets.

The weight of each baby varied about two to three pounds. Fernando was the biggest of all, and weighed three pounds and 14 ounces.

Right after their delivery, the babied started charming everyone in the hospital.

In this picture, the father and one of the delivery nurses admire one of their newest additions.

As you can notice, the father is still in a state of shock, of course, we mean it in a positive way.

The whole situation felt like a dream to him. At a press conference held after the births of the babies, the father, Fernando Garcia said that he is amazed to have five kids.

This situation was new to the parents and it was not easy at all.

Raising more than one baby is never easy, but, in this example, it all paid off safely and now all of the babies are doing great.

Women who carry multiple babies are at much higher risks, however, this couple, and this woman to be more precise, got really lucky and went through the whole situation in the best possible way.

The doctor’s expectations are that the babies will grow normally without any complications.

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