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Even though, feminine hygiene issues are rarely discussed, every woman should know how to protect her intimate parts in order to enjoy great intimate health. If you think that you know almost everything about intimate health, you should know that there is a whole list of everyday habits that can affect your vagina. Since few of the nation’s top women’s health experts pinpoint some causes of cysts, infections, fertility troubles and etc., then you should consider reading this article and found out how you can protect your intimate parts by not doing these things:

1. Forget the steaming

One thing you should know-Your vagina is not a carpet-So, forget the steaming! Don’t take advice from everyone, especially when it comes to your intimate parts.

Even though Gwyneth Paltrow said that, and though we appreciate her opinion, we should value more the opinion of the specialists and experts, all of which say a big NO to steaming your vagina.

2. Self treatment is never the right thing 

Any problem you experience with your intimate parts, regardless of how harmless it seems, you should consider going to a gynecologist. Don’t use any vaginal creams or suppositories for infection, or any natural remedies you read on the Internet.

3. Inserting a non-sterile foreing object looks like a good idea, but not

If you are sexually active you should know what can go into the vagina and what now. If you don’t have a man in your bed, but you still want to have something in your vagina, other than his manhood, then you should know that you can put tampons, fingers, sex toys, penis, a lubricant, birth control, menstrual cups and nothing beyond these items. If you are among those who have a habit of inserting bananas, cucumbers and the like in your vagina, stop immediately since it can cause serious issues later.

4. Really, but really, you must stop all that rinsing

If you are among those women who apply the douching sprays since they think that the vagina should smell like a tropical breeze or morning mist. Well, you are all wrong.

Your vagina has the ability to clean itself, so stop all that rinsing. If you really need to refresh your vagina, then a little soap and warm water would be of a great help.

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