How to Make Homemade Facial Peeling With Aspirin to Remove Blemishes and Have Beautiful Skin

Nowadays, facial peels have gained a great prominence among the different beauty treatments. This is because it is an effective way to regenerate tissues skin deeply, helping eliminate freckles, scars, stains or other deep skin damage.

Unfortunately, for many of us, these are very costly solutions and difficult to deal with monetarily. In addition, it is necessary to be well informed and determine the right one for each skin problem, as some are highly abrasive and corrode to the deepest layers of the skin for the purpose of cellular regeneration.

However, there are super safe homemade alternatives that can help us achieve incredible skin. These common ingredients, you will surely have them in your house to perform a restorative facial peeling. A radiant face shines with this wonderful solution.

Some tips before performing a facial peel …

-Before starting this treatment, it is necessary that you prepare your skin the previous days. Two days earlier, avoid creams or makeup put you on your face . If you wish, you can perform some kind of natural exfoliation (as with oats and natural yogurt).

-Keep in mind that these treatments seek to eliminate dead cells and promote the birth of new cells. Therefore, it is common for the skin to dry out a bit during and after treatment. It will all depend on the type of skin we have, but do not be surprised if you notice the parched face for a few hours.

-Another very important factor is that place an suspended immediately and find a way of peeling less abrasive or with other ingredients.

-The results will depend on each person, although in general the results are as expected.

Facial peeling with aspirin.

Aspirin is the most widely used over-the-counter drug worldwide. But we know that in addition to treating our headaches, aspirin can help skin look radiant . They have excellent properties that help to regenerate and improve skin health.

Mainly, its effects are due to the high content of beta hydroxy acid that has in its composition. This liposoluble ingredient, is widely used in the cosmetic industry to make creams, exfoliants, tonics and makeup. In addition to promoting cell regeneration, it is also a potent anti – inflammatory that helps fight acne scars and prevent this disease usually left on his face.

How to perform a facial peeling?

As a first step, we suggest practicing at night so that you avoid exposing your face to the sun. It is an abrasive treatment, like all peeling, so you should take care of the face to expose it to various factors like the sun, extreme cold, polluting gases, etc.


-5 aspirin.
-15 gr of pure honey of bees (they are two tablespoons, approximately)
-15 gr of natural yogurt (it is a heaping spoonful, approximately.


-In a mortar, crush all aspirins into a soft powder.
-Mix well together with the honey and yogurt, until obtaining a cream homogeneous.

How to use:

1.Wash your face very well with plenty of water and a bit of neutral soap.

2.Now, you must open the pores of your skin so that the cream penetrates deep: To do this, moisten a small towel with water. Squeeze well to remove leftover water, it should only be moist. Heat it in the microwave for 30 seconds, then cover it with your whole face. Leave on for 10 minutes and remove.

3.With a clean, dry cloth, remove the traces of moisture from your face. Avoid rubbing, just tap on the dampness for the cloth or paper towel to absorb.

4.Apply a thin layer of the mixture and let it act for 20 minutes.

5.After time, rinse with plenty of water to remove the mask. Then apply some alcohol-free moisturizer.

Some further recommendations …

The next day, your skin will be more sensitive than normal, avoid full sun exposure or using sunscreen to go outside.
Try to protect your skin with mild products to promote their constant regeneration.
You can apply this mask in other parts of the body such as armpits, elbows and knees, helping to whiten and improve the appearance of these areas.

So that the skin does not suffer any damage, we recommend you do it 3 times a month at most . In this way, you avoid diminishing the natural oils of your face.

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