There is a new bath technique for newborns invented by a passionate nurse from Paris, named Sonia Rochel. The babies are first rinsed in a basin. At the first glance it looks awkward, however, it provides amazing results. This technique is called “Thalasso Baby Bath”.

The babies of few weeks are being washed gently without any cream or gel. There is a 15 minute massage while there is relaxing and soothing musing in the background. This refreshes the baby. The technique got developed after long years of observation and research.

It is considered the best way to give bath to just-born babies. The technique was tried with twins, too. She has been working for 35 years with babies.

The mothers are truly amazed by this baby spa. According to Sonia, the babies don’t cry during the bath. Those are minutes of magic and the babies accept it purely.

Watch the video.

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