It is believed that pharmaceutical companies omit to inform people about cancerous chemicals in daily products order to make profits from their products. Here are 10 products we use daily that may be harmful:

# Hormones in milk and meat-to increase animal products production, farmers add artificial hormones, and when consumed by people may cause inflammation, cancer, and other serious illnesses.

# Dental x-rays, airport scanners, and mammography-they emit cancerous rays.

# Aluminum in antiperspirants and deodorants-it is believed that deodorant and antiperspirants cause breast cancer therefore choose organic products.

# Toxins in makeup-make up can be toxic due to petroleum and coal tar content.

# Corn and GMO soy-GMO soy products may increase estrogen levels due to hemagglutinin, therefore try to consume only organic products.

# Canned food- canned foods as well as water lines, dental composites, thermal paper, plastic goods, contain Bisphenol-A which has been proven to genetically change the brain cells of mice.

# Medications and vaccines- medications and vaccines can prove inefficient and may contain harmful ingredients.

# Store-bought soaps, toothpastes, creams, and shampoos-all we apply enters our organism. The products we buy have ambiguous ingredients so try buying organic or making your own.

# Fluoridated water-this substance washes the mineral from the body hence making the immune system weaker.

# Artificial sweeteners- avoid artificial sweeteners because they either cancerous or will increase your insulin.

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