If you want to lose weight it is of a big importance to speed up your metabolism so it can burn more calories. You can do that even while you are sleeping with knowing what to do. You will need only to prepare a drink to achieve that.

Get the following ingredients:

-1 tablespoon Aloe Vera juice;

-1 lemon;

-a bunch of parsley or cilantro;

-1 tablespoon grated ginger;

-1 cucumber;

-1/2 glass of water.

Here is how to prepare it:

All you have to do is to place all the above mentioned ingredients into blender and to blend until a homogenous mixture is made.


Before going to sleep drink it.

Why is this drink so effective?

All the ingredients are effective in speeding up the metabolism and as well to flush out toxins from your body. An extra tip for everyone that one to lose weight is to be well hydrated all the time because with drinking lots of water you will burn more calories and you will flush out more toxins from your body.

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