Many of you cannot imagine beginning the day without it! Homemade, Turkish, filter, powder … coffee is more than just a beverage, it’s a ritual!

After consumption of coffee, the residue from the bottom usually throw it in the trash, not knowing how much benefit from this residue can have:


The coffee residue contains many nutrients, such as potassium and phosphorus. These substances are necessary for the growth and flowering of plants.

Against Cellulite

Caffeine from coffee stimulates blood circulation and stimulates the excretion of toxins. Knowing this, many beauty salons apply creams with caffeine.

Mix a few teaspoons of coffee with olive oil and rub the problematic area. Cellulite will disappear as f by magic.


If you have your own compost, you should add it some coffee. This will increase the nitrogen content in it and thus contribute to a better composting.

Coffee against snails

Unlike humans, snails do not tolerate coffee!

Coffee against ants

Strong smell of coffee is unpleasant for ants!

Evict even wasps and hornets

Instead of coffee residue, which is against snails and ants, if you want to keep away the hornet, try to smell a roast coffee, which is unbearable for them.

Unpleasant smell in the fridge

Freshly milled coffee, put it in the fridge, and it will pick all the odors of the food.

To clean

Particles of coffee will remove even the toughest stains from the dishes


Coffee as a component of hair masks, effectively strengthens hair and makes hair shinier. Unfortunately, it is recommended only for those with darker hair.

Against dark circles

Mask of coffee and olive oil can be used against dark circles under the eyes. Coffee will stimulate circulation and dark circles will disappear.

Wash the grill

As well as cooking utensils, coffee will remove stains of your grill

Against fleas

Natural and non-violent methods in the fight against parasites carefully rub the wet coffee in fur animals. If this process is repeated every few days it should lead to improvements.

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