The amazing theory we’ll present today was presented by Gregg Braden, an American author famous for his theory on treating cancer. Braden says that our emotions have a big impact on our DNA, and that the power of collective thought such as prayer can indeed treat the deadly disease.

It sure sounds like science fiction, but Braden claims that cancer can be stopped by the awareness of synergy between the manifestations and our thoughts. He also says that there is a field that connects anything, and it has been proved to exist scientifically in a study conducted in 1996.

Control over emotions and thoughts

Our thoughts and emotions produce electromagnetic fields which can reach up to a meter outside our body. Even Nikola Tesla has admitted that people in the future will create electrical power with their minds, which means that our thoughts are a powerful source of energy. The collective thoughts of millions of people can create a powerful electromagnetic field which can have a profound impact on the environment, and, after learning how to use it, the method can be a base for treatment of many diseases.

Recently, a Chinese hospital recorded a video which is proof for Braden’s theory. The video shows the elimination of cancer which is recorded on an ultrasound screen and shows that the collective thought can indeed treat cancer, and may be the base for the treatment of numerous other diseases.

If we learn how to control our emotions, we may enhance them with enough practice.

Feelings can change the DNA

By saying “Someday I will be happy, or I will be cured or find a new job etc.…” and really meaning it, we can cause a change in our DNA and focus on the change that will take place. Psycho-oncology has shown that emotions can have a big impact on some diseases on several occasions, which further proves Braden’s claims. Watch the video below to see him present his theory:

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