Rear, butt, back — there are parcel of safe ways one can allude to the gluteus maximus, and considerably more that are a bit on the unrefined side. Be that as it may, you call it, this part of the body is not more often than not the one we consider when we catch wind of genuine medical issues. Be that as it may, for the 27-year-old Brazilian model Andressa Urach, her bum almost wound up costing her life. 

Her dream of becoming a model was since she was a little girl. From the place that she comes from, there is also another quality that every model should have: a great posterior. She was a girl that had every needed attribute, but in her own eyes, she thought to herself that her butt needed to be more voluptuous.

IN ORDER TO SUCCEED IN THE MODELING JOB, SHE DECIDED TO TAKE A QUITE RISKY PROCEDURE, WHICH WAS ALSO NOT LEGAL AND ALLOWED IN HER COUNTRY. Just like Beyonce’s song “Pretty Hurts” says: we are all slaves to beauty. Andressa discovered a way in order to achieve her beauty perfection and had hydrogel and PMMA injected into her hips and tights in order to expand her bum’s size and hold it firm.

At the start, this was a worth idea, and she even won a contest in 2012, world famous Miss Bumbum. By that, her beauty was finally appreciated, noticed and seen.

But, Andressa’s life changed unexpectedly, and not to the good but for the worse. 

She started feeling sharp pain in her legs and that took her to the hospital in Porto Alegre. After several tests and analysis made on her, it has been discovered that the gel that has been injected into her tights, was not properly absorbed into the body and that caused her muscles to rot. After the diagnosis, doctors penetrated in her skin, in order to remove the gel and then stuffed the gaping cuts with a specific foam. 

She was not taken at home, but instead she stayed to intensive care, as the cuts have been infected. The worst thing that could have happened from all this, and the doctor took it as an option, was to amputate her legs.

But, after numerous operations and medication, the infection has been stopped and she recovered fully.

She later said that her 200,000 Twitter fans’ prayers gave her hope, in order to get through all this.

She has also written a book, inspired by her experience and she really hopes that it will serve as a warning to other people that have ever thought of making this type of corrective surgery.

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