WARNING: Ladies,Never do these things to your Breasts!

The breasts are made of specialized tissue, fatty tissue. Its amount determines the breast size. They are soft, protruding organs which can secret milk after pregnancy. This part is organized in 15-20 sections, or lobes, and there are smaller structures in them out of which milk is produced.

 A network of small tubes called ducts, connect the glands, lobules, and lobes, and they carry the milk from the lobes to the nipples. The form of the breasts is given by the connective tissue support and the ligaments. There are nerves in breasts and they provide sensation, containing blood vessels, lymph nodes, and lymph vessels. They are highly sensitive and require special treatment as they are prone to damage. For that reason each woman needs to avoid any potential damage.

You should never do the following things to your breasts:

Wearing a small bra – there are women who believe that wearing a bra 1-2 numbers smaller in size will make them look sexy, however, this is not advisable for it can cause discomfort and damage your breasts.

Pinching – the practice of nipple sucking, pinching, and biting, like many couples practice, can leave some serious consequences.

Removing hairs – a lot of women have hairs around their breasts, thus tend to remove them. However, removing hairs regularly will cause them grow thicker and more visible in the future. Moreover, there are high risks of developing inflammation.
Nipple piercing – this is very harmful in practice, but can also cause a serious pneumonia.

Clutching chest – do not allow anyone punch your breasts harshly and roughly because they are prone to damages easily.

Not wearing a bra while running – this may cause serious problems for the connective tissue in the breasts.

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