What has important role in keeping your mind free from stress and keeping you fit is the position you are sleeping in because that way the physical and mental stress are being reduced. The proper rest will not be received if you do not sleep properly so your body will be unable to function normal. But what is also important is the position you sleep in with your partner. That is why you should avoid some sleeping positions with your partner.

1.This position is known as The Medusa and this can be really uncomfortable for your partner.

2.This position is known as the headlock and maybe you are not aware of what you are doing in your sleep but try your best to avoid this one.

3.This position is known as the BOA constructor and with this position you will leave your partner without sleep and even without oxygen!

4.This position is known as the fugitive and this is one of the most common sleeping positions that many couples face with. Try to stick to your side of the bed!

5.You should keep the pets away from the bed, or try to not let them to be the leaders in your bed.

6.You know how you feel when someone puts something cold on you, right? Then you should avoid to putting your cold feet on your partner.

7.Try not to pick up the blanket that you both are sharing! Don’t be selfish!

8.What has negative effect on your health is sleeping on the stomach so make sure you and your partner avoid this position!

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