Do You Have Any Of These 16 Signs? Then You Have Healing Powers…

I have known some healers personally and it turns out some of us truly have unique abilities that science can’t yet explain.

If you are looking for the healer within, below is a list of features that many healers tend to have. Pay close attention and see if you have these healing characteristics.

Healers are always present in every culture, and they are never really looked for until some circumstance forces us to find them. Because of this lack of focus, most healers are in a status of non-recognition. However you want to look at it, we need healers now more than ever.

Signs That You Have Healing Powers:

1. People say how calming it is to be around you.

2. People who are physically close to you rarely get sick.

3. You are always contemplating of how to improve other people’s lives.

4. You could be diagnosed with anxiety, panic or mood disorders.

5. You are very much empathic.

6. You family has a history of healers.

7. When you are in public places, you feel butterflies in your stomach.

8. Animals are happy to see you.You have a very deep connection with animals.

9. Most Strangers tell you their life story.

10. Even though you had no training for it. You are great at massages!

11. You usually have neck and shoulder pains.

12. You love being outdoor; staying indoor make you anxious.

13. You are attracted to crystals and their Metaphysics properties.

14. You are interested in spiritual sciences like energy healing, shamanism, acupuncture, and others.

15. Because you have a high level of awareness, you are sensitive when it comes to certain foods and drinks.

16. Sometimes you get random chills, warmth radiating from your core or your palms tingle.

The core components of a healer are high sensitivity on many wave extent, their ability to evident energy; they are highly emphatic and have an aspiration to help other people. There isn’t any theory or agreed path for you to take to develop these feelings.

You will need to determine where you are in your life. Thankfully it doesn’t take much to get the wheel spinning regarding healing. Everything in the universe wants to be healthy and happy; we just need to remind our self more often.

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