According to the specialists, Dr. Leonard Caldwell, the main cause of cancer is acidity of the body. On the other hand, any organism may change its acidic condition into alkaline in a few weeks, thus allowing cancer no more to feed and simply disappear.

– The base state of the organism will completely stop the development of cancer. Health and disease of the human body depend on the biological and physiological – chemical balance that plays the role of an important regulatory mechanism in all bodily functions. When these functions are disturbed, they are measurable as a change that can give us a “signal” that we have entered into a state of illness, which can be noticed according the acidity. The success of any treatment is much higher if the body is helped just a little to get rid of acidity, which includes only the change of lifestyle and taking foods that give us the necessary alkalinity of the organism, – said Caldwell.

The balance of acid and alkalinity in the body is extremely important for our health. No body nor individual cells of our bodies that cannot be damaged or completely destroyed due to the increased acidity. However, in our organism is self-regulated, which strives to maintain constant concentration in the blood of the acidity to pH 7.4. However, lifestyle and poor diet can increase the acidity.

Research shows that cancer cannot develop in alkaline environment, but it can in acid, so pH levels should be as high as possible. Otherwise, pH 7.0 mark for the neutral, and our body is 7.4 pH. The ratio for healthy people to prevent disease state should be 75 percent, “basic food” and 25 percent “acidic” during the day. It is therefore very important that we familiarize ourselves with food and diet changes that help our bodies to establish acid – alkaline balance. If you suffer from cancer to fully remove acidic foods because cancer feeds in acidity. If cancer is in acidity environment, simply becomes impossible to it grows and spreads.

After you stop the growth of cancer and do not give it food (acidic), it will be destroyed, but you can kill it with additional ingredients such as turmeric, apricot seeds, or cannabis oil.

It is better not to use chemotherapy as it kills the harmful as well as healthy cells.

What can cause acidity in the body?

Meat, acid rain, cutting, processing and cooking food, preservatives and artificial colors in foods, refined sugar, dehydration of the body, alcohol, smoking, lack of exercise, stress, medications, especially painkillers. So, for the fight against cancer the best is healthy diet, if possible, rich fruit and vegetables.

But the acidity of the body can be caused by quick swallowing, chronic kidney ailments, diabetes, frequent infections and lack of oxygen in the body.

If it is established acidity of your body, there is the possibility of cancer, and if your body is alkaline, certainly, the cancer disappears in a few weeks. If you have acidic body, quick help it to neutralize the acidity.

Digestive system is a complex mechanism, with a series of chemical reactions that take turns and in which acids have a very important role. Acid in the body is entered by food, but certain acids are produced by the liver, pancreas and stomach. For good digestion, for elimination of harmful and unnecessary substances without fermentation and flatulence, stomach and intestinal contents should have a balanced pH value. The solution is simple – reduce the use of acidic foods in favor of the alkaline.

So what to eat and what to avoid?


– All fresh fruit

– All fresh lettuce

– All vegetables (raw or cooked)

– Almonds or sunflower seeds

– Apple cider vinegar

– Corn

– Dates

– Dried fruit (sulfur)

– Fresh berries

– Freshly dried herbs

– Juices of fresh raw fruits

– Juices of fresh raw vegetables

– Onions

– Whey from goat’s milk

– Green foods (algae, spirulina, chlorella)

– Herbal teas (no caffeine)

– Honey

– Lemon

– Organic Maple Syrup

– Melons

– Millet

– Oil from avocado, coconut, flax, grape, olive, safflower and sunflower

– Potatoes

– Quinoa

– Dried grapes

– Sauerkraut (without salt)

– Sea vegetables (well washed)


– Bread

– Cakes

– Canned fruits and vegetables

– All flakes

– Chocolate

– Coffee and Caffeine

– Dairy products

– Eggs

– Food prepared in oil

– Meat, fish, poultry, shellfish

– Nicotine

– Pasta

– Popcorn

– Artificial juices

– Processed food + salt (including marine, Celtic and Himalayan)

– Soybeans

– White sugar

– Artificial sweeteners

– Tea with caffeine

– Vinegar (except apple)

– Artificial soups

Dr. Caldwell is not the only doctor in the world who says that the acidity of the organism is a cause of many chronic diseases, but also the main cause of cancer.

Most cancer today is caused by acidity, and only a small change in diet can be the solution.

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